Gallea, Local art, accessible anywhere.

Gallea, Local art, accessible anywhere.


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Gallea, Local art, accessible anywhere.

Published on:
March 28, 2019
Event date:
Thursday, 28 March, 2019 - 09:45

Interview with Guillaume and Linzi of Gallea, a resident startup at the Fonds de Solidarité FTQ/QI Innovation Lab. Here is an overview of the vision and projects of this young Montréal company that wants to adapt the way we consume and share visual art in Quebec. 

Launched in January 2018, the Gallea platform already includes a network of more than 400 artists, 50 urban exhibitors and 2,500 original works.

Can you tell us about Gallea? What is it that you do?

Gallea allows art lovers to find a work online, easily see where it’s displayed and buy it with a single click.

We promote emerging artists by combining online visibility through our web platform with physical visibility through our network of exhibiting establishments.

Artists register for free on our transactional, secure and simple online art gallery. Premium members can then apply to network establishments where they’d like to exhibit. Establishments select works that best match their environment.

This is how we display artists to buyers in everyday locations such as cafés, restaurants and hotels.



How can your startup have an impact on the companies and audiences you work with?

We develop and adapt technology to simplify the sales process by removing all barriers between buyers and emerging artists.

This allows art lovers to acquire unique, original works at affordable prices and to bring more culture into their daily lives.

Our system also draws on exhibiting establishments that can encourage local art while jazzing up their walls.


What is your most recent success?

On December 27, we launched version 2.0 of our web platform after several months of development. The new website makes it exponentially easier to manage files and operations, and has a significantly improved user interface. It also introduces monthly memberships: Gallea Premium allows us to better target visual artists who want to go further and provides us with recurring income.

Establishment owners can now manage submissions from Gallea artists on their profiles. Over the past few months, we have established a network of business partners in Quebec’s visual art industry with expertise that complements our own, allowing us to become the reference for artistic resources.

Also, we recently won a 25 000$ grant from the Education and Innovation's Minister in March!



What advantages do you get from being part of the FTQ/QI Innovation Lab?

The Innovation Lab offers us opportunities to interact with the startup companies in our cohort. It’s interesting to see companies with different backgrounds and stages of maturity.

The Quartier de l’Innovation team meets with us regularly, refers us to contacts at QI partner companies and invites us to participate in entrepreneurial events such as QI_Connexion.


How do you see your future?

Our ambition is to become the reference for discovering works of art in Quebec and abroad. We want to change consumer habits in the industry through Gallea’s innovative platform and thus make art more accessible to everyone.

With the artist members of our network as ambassadors, we are confident that in 2019 we will significantly advance operations to bring together the entire spectrum of people in visual arts. We will have several pilot projects in place for the corporate sector in addition to diversifying exhibition sites.




Gallea, Local art, accessible anywhere.